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Smart Inventory
Management Software

Inventory Made Easy. Hassles Made History

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Expertise You Can Trust

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02. You guessed it, we are all about maps

Track inventory anywhere from the amazon jungle to the concrete jungle

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01. Inventory anything

Take control of assets and consumables. Introducing AssetPin, your guide to operate efficiently

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03. We keep you mobile

Keep track on the go with our mobile app

Use Cases

Use Cases Across Industries


Inventory Management for Churches and Non-Profits

Replace spreadsheets for a unified smart inventory Management system to keep your church or non-profit running smoothly! 

  • Effectively manage physical assets

  • Automation and optimizing inventory keep churches and non-profits focused on what really matters. 

  • Streamlined workflows improve efficiency from stage equipment to instruments.

  • Reduce costs from ordering un-needed supplies to tracking expensive assets.


This cutting-edge asset tracking system requires no human interaction and can be used with cars, trucks, semis, warehouses, jobs, and temporary locations during events



Ultra-rugged, Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered GPS asset tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway. Features cloud-based location solving for 10+ years of battery life


Ultra-rugged, long-life battery-powered GPS asset tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway featuring 10+ years of battery life and tamper detect


GPS tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway with optional Iridium Satellite for out-of-coverage tracking with inputs/outputs, RS-232 Interface, and remote immobilization 

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